Thursday, August 28, 2014

1,000 Books Update

The early bird signup for 1,000 Books was two weeks ago. Audra and Evie have already read 100 books! High five! They got to hop their spiders up the waterspout. Their little sister has completed her first mini-log to 25 books, so her spider is up there too. EEEEEEE! My program is making people READ to their KIDS! YES!

52 Chapter Book Challenge

Okay. Deep breath.

I have to admit: I'm not really into chapter books.

There. I said it.

Juvenile fiction, or "chapter books," aren't my thing. I have tried to expand my reading pool by checking out middle grade books, only to have them sit in a pile in my bedroom, unread, staring at me with imaginary laser beam eyes.

image from photobucket
So, to further my readers advisory skillz, I'm going to challenge myself to read at least one chapter book a week, aside from the books my seven year old and I read for bedtime. I'll be starting my journey this weekend with The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm. Hopefully the fish on the cover won't have to stare me down.

Any suggestions on what I should read, Interwebs?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Calm Before the Storytime

Fall programs start next week. I'm prepared, but still like...WHAT DID I FORGET TO DO?! I'm starting two brand new programs and am reworking one. I'm happy that I try new things and improve what I have going, however it's a bit stressful the week before when I'm thinking, "Ohhh no. What am I doing? Can I do this? Will my patrons like it? Will there be crying?"

image from giphy

We took over a month off from programming when SRP was over. I'm all about the breaks, however my patrons are dropping by and hinting that they are SO READY FOR STORYTIME. Yes, I know. But I have books to weed and conferences to rock. Here's a recap of what I have been up to for the last month:

  • Reading. I have blown my 500 book yearly goal out of the water, but am continuing to whittle my to-read list down. I had a definite fangirl moment yesterday when the latest installment of Captain Underpants came out. Friend me on the GoodReads if you're interested in my ratings or reviews.
  • Weeding. THE GREAT YOUTH SERVICES TRANSFORMATION is almost complete. Weeding is done as of yesterday! Obviously we will be continuing to make our department better, but one of the huge tasks is finally out of the way. High five!
  • Cleaning. Casey and I cleaned our overflowing basement storage area. I'm not sure if we kept more items than we donated/trashed, but honestly I don't really mind. There was a lot of crazy stuff down there, and I'm glad we can actually find stuff now. Anyone need SRP stuff from 2009?
  • Presenting. I worked on my Bringing Storytime Home presentation, as well as, um, presented it. A colleague of mine from my prior library said that most of the useful ideas she heard at the conference were from my presentation, so I'll take it as a win.
  • Learning. I attended a Mother Goose on the Loose workshop with Dr. Betsy Diamont-Cohen herself. It was an extremely helpful class, and I'm excited to make my baby program better!
  • Planning. The day after SRP is over is a month before fall programs, after all.
  • Marketing. I took over the major marketing for the entire department. Here's our fall newsletter thingy. Looks pretty good, yeah? I'm impressed, anyway.
  • Filming. I sang more nursery rhymes and fingerplays for the Internet. You're welcome. I was really tired that morning. I should probably shoot video in the afternoon after a great deal of Mountain Dew has been consumed, but you know, whatevs.
  • Pondering. How am I doing? Are these programs fulfilling our patrons needs? What's next?
So what is next? I'm not sure. Should I try my hand at book reviewing? Add more WOW to my blog? Force myself to read middle-grade chapter books (cringe)? Work on storytelling? Take a class? 

Perhaps "next" is goal setting for me. What's next for you?