Friday, April 4, 2014

A Change in the Weather...and the Schedule

My work schedule is changing. Mondays are the thorn in everyone's side, obviously, but more so in mine. To make a complicated story short, I have no sitter for my youngest son on Mondays, so I'm now working Tuesday-Saturday. Which relieves me more than a negative pregnancy test.

You are not the mother!
However, I usually have storytimes on Mondays. I have a few people who can only come to storytime on Mondays. This makes me a sad panda, so I came up with a DIY storytime cart for my friends who will be missing me hard on Monday mornings.

Sorry about the weird angle. I'm a better librarian than photographer.

On the top shelf, there are books on a topic...this week I stocked it with springtime stories. Middle shelf, crafty stuff. Bottom shelf, activities including puzzles, word games, and dry erase letters from Lakeshore Learning. Patrons can pick their poison, do what they want, and leave the rest.

I'm hoping that this will soothe any pre-k meltdowns my friends may have in my absence. My colleague, Miss K, will be taking over my Monday desk time, so I'm doing my best to fend off the craziness for her. Now to tackle my new routine and get myself together!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Parent's Perspective

I'm over at Kids Library Program Mojo today, giving my perspective as a parent on school age kid programming. I wrote it as a response to the question"How do parents play a role in school age programs?" in my recent continuing education class. Let me know what ya think!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking a Break

I'm taking a hiatus from the blog for a bit. Between spring programs/SRP planning/workshops/ukulele practice/assisting my amazing patrons and life in general, I need a break. Stay awesome, dear readers!