Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun at MPL!

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you all get huge bags of candy and no tummy aches!

Today was the last day of Halloween story times...obviously since today is Halloween. There were tons of kids here today, dressed in their Halloween finest.

Ladies in their Scare Wear!

MPL Story Time...Amazing, it is.

Zebra Cutie!

Mrs. Peacock, in the Program Room, with the Cuteness!

We did some exciting Halloween crafts this week. The first was a marshmallow ghost we did for Pajama Time last Thursday. We drew the outline of a ghost on a black piece of paper, then traced our outline with Elmer's glue. When our glue was ready, we stuck marshmallows to the paper. Super cute, right?

Spooky...and delicious.

Second was a paper plate ghost. I used the idea and template from Kaboose. The kiddos enjoyed making them, but they enjoyed flying them around the program room even more! We used glue sticks to attach the paper arms and crepe paper streamers. I had a precut mouth and arms for the 2's and 3's, but some kids just drew the whole face. After there was a definite "up" and "down" to the ghost, I punched a hole in the top to allow a ribbon to be fed through for hanging.

Booga Booga Booga!

The 4's and 5's class got to do candy corn mosaics. I asked them to draw their first initials and then trace with glue stick. They glued the pieces onto their letters, which turned out pretty great!

M for Marvelous Miss Michelle.

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Be safe, and eat lots (but not too much) of candy!

Let's see what Pumpkin has to say about all of this...

Tomorrow: Holy Moly: It's November!

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