Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun at MPL!

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you all get huge bags of candy and no tummy aches!

Today was the last day of Halloween story times...obviously since today is Halloween. There were tons of kids here today, dressed in their Halloween finest.

Ladies in their Scare Wear!

MPL Story Time...Amazing, it is.

Zebra Cutie!

Mrs. Peacock, in the Program Room, with the Cuteness!

We did some exciting Halloween crafts this week. The first was a marshmallow ghost we did for Pajama Time last Thursday. We drew the outline of a ghost on a black piece of paper, then traced our outline with Elmer's glue. When our glue was ready, we stuck marshmallows to the paper. Super cute, right?

Spooky...and delicious.

Second was a paper plate ghost. I used the idea and template from Kaboose. The kiddos enjoyed making them, but they enjoyed flying them around the program room even more! We used glue sticks to attach the paper arms and crepe paper streamers. I had a precut mouth and arms for the 2's and 3's, but some kids just drew the whole face. After there was a definite "up" and "down" to the ghost, I punched a hole in the top to allow a ribbon to be fed through for hanging.

Booga Booga Booga!

The 4's and 5's class got to do candy corn mosaics. I asked them to draw their first initials and then trace with glue stick. They glued the pieces onto their letters, which turned out pretty great!

M for Marvelous Miss Michelle.

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Be safe, and eat lots (but not too much) of candy!

Let's see what Pumpkin has to say about all of this...

Tomorrow: Holy Moly: It's November!

Scroll Along with the Animal Alphabet Song

One of our favorite story time songs is “The Animal Alphabet” by Twin Sisters Productions. This is a fabulous alphabet song for all ages because it is repetitive and features an animal for each letter of the alphabet! In story time, we use a lovely visual aid to follow along with the song. It’s a scroll of paper that has the letters and a picture of each animal, as shown here.

To keep the scroll from unrolling, it is housed in a cute little cardboard tube, covered with wallpaper!

And now…you can make your own scroll at home! The template has two standard sheets that you can cut and tape together to make your very own Animal Alphabet scroll.

“But Miss Michelle, what’s the fun in having the scroll without the music?!"

Here is a music video of “The Animal Alphabet” that the wonderful Miss Jaymi made for us! We aim to please, don’t you know?

I’m so excited to know that all of you are singing this song at home! Let me know how your scrolls turn out. You can even practice in the car on the way to story time!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wanted: Drummer---Dead or Alive!

It's the day before Halloween...spooky! The wind is howling (literally!) and it's dark and creepy outside...

Okay, so it's 8am, and it's windy and still dark. I may have embellished a bit...

But Mom, I don't want to go to school...

Anyway, here's a new book I found that is adorable, fun, and kinda eerie: Skeleton Cat by Kristyn Crow and illustrated by Dan Krall is a lovely read for kids who like a bit of quirk in their stories.

Cute and Creepy, yes?
We begin in a graveyard, where the cat's slumber is disturbed by a bolt of lightning. He gets up, stretches his bones, and realizes that he's ONLY bones! A flyer blows by in the wind, advertising drummer auditions. Cat gets excited and decides he's going to try out. The ghosts, ghouls, and an owl in the graveyard tell him that he can't do it. Cat doesn't let them get him down, and he hurriedly goes to the auditions.

Ready to Rock

After being harassed by a slew of the living, Cat reaches the audition. The band tells him, "You're not gonna make it if you ain't got guts!" Cat busts out his solo skills and nails the audition. I'm sure Cat and his band are on a tour of Europe now.

The book is a great read aloud selection. The onomatopoeia alone makes it a worthy story time book. I was getting tongue-twisty after reading it aloud for the first time, so it will take some practice. Good thing I have five more story times this week!

The story has a great moral as well: never give up on your dreams! It's not too late to start today, even if you're older, or even in Cat's case, a skeleton.

Take a chance!

 Tomorrow's post: Kids in cute Halloween costumes!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mrs. McMurphy's Pumpkin

He's coming!!!
I have found my new favorite Halloween picture book! Mrs. McMurphy's Pumpkin by Rick Walton is super awesome. This book is creepy and scary, but not too creepy and scary for young kids. It's one of those books that if made into a movie, it would probably scare the heebie jeebies out of me.

The reaction I give when I watch something scary. Seriously.
Mrs. McMurphy is a lovely farm gal. She lives by herself, tends to her animals, and keeps a neat home. Four days before Halloween, a pumpkin with a "wicked, wicked grin" shows up in her house. She keeps her cool when it tells her that it's going to eat her when its teeth grows in, and carries it out to her porch.

 The next day, the scary pumpkin shows up on her sofa with a mouth AND a nose. It again tells her that she will be eaten when its teeth grow in. At this point, if I was Mrs. McMurphy, I would be calling a realtor and moving to a condo.

This continues for a few days when she finally decides to mail the pumpkin to the North Pole. The morning of Halloween, the pumpkin comes back with teeth and tells Mrs. McMurphy that it's time for it to eat her.

What do you suppose happens next?

Don't mess with Mrs. McMurphy.
I think I really enjoy reading this book to kids because they're deeply concerned with Mrs. McMurphy's safety. She isn't concerned in the slightest through the entire tome, but the kids in my program wore worried looks the whole time. The gasps of terror when the pumpkin kept showing up and threatening Mrs. M were very audible. Honestly, this kind of delighted me.

I also think I like this book because Mrs. McMurphy reminds me of my own mom. She's a no-nonsense kind of gal, who is 99% heartwarming but would probably make anything or anyone into a pie if necessary.

Tomorrow's post: A zombie cat who plays the drums. Really.


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