Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caps for Sale!

I didn't race ahead to Dr. Seuss this week...even though I wanted to! I ended the fairy tale/folk tale trend with Caps for Sale illustrated by Esphyr Slobodinka. I'm becoming more of a realist when it comes to my story time (much to the relief of the parents in my groups), and by doing so, I paraphrased most of the story yet used the pictures to guide us.
Why is the peddler in the tree? I'm confused.

There is a nicely mustached man who sells caps, which I explained to the kids, are hats. He doesn't have a kiosk in the mall, so he wears all of them on his head. One day, he's not selling so well and decides to take a nap. Much to his dismay, when he awakens the caps (except his own) are gone! The culprits: monkeys. Why he didn't notice that there were monkeys about, we'll never know.

Anyway, he has to devise a way to get his caps back. The ending is pretty funny but I won't spoil it for you who haven't read it.

I was originally going to read a story with a king and queen, so I had a crown craft prepared. I couldn't settle on an age appropriate royalty book, so I worked it out and told the kids that we were making our own caps. Thanks for your flexibility, kids!

I don't know where I found the instructions for this, so, sorry Internet. All you have to do is cut a paper plate four times to make triangles in the middle. I used markers to decorate mine, but gave the kids crayons so they wouldn't stain themselves. Here is the finished product.

Miss Meg the Cap Model
I did a session at our staff in-service day a couple of weeks ago and had the staff make their own hats.

Looking swell, ladies!
Creativity in motion!

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