Friday, February 22, 2013

Goldilocks: Faultless or Felon?

Ah, The Three Bears. What a classic tale! I especially like the book by Byron Barton that is free of fluff. Just the facts, ma'am.

They look happy now...but...
As an adult, I now ask myself, "Where the heck were Goldilock's parental units? Shouldn't she be in school, or at least picking flowers and not breaking and entering? WHO RAISED YOU, LADY?!" But I digress.

For our craft, I found a fabulous handout online via Pinterest with the bears, the bandit, the beds, and the chairs. What, no porridge? Okay, I guess I can only ask for so much. So I free-handed the porridge bowls on a scrap piece of printing paper, and transferred the image to cardstock. I had the kids color, cut, and then paste the props to a table tent made from said cardstock. For the bears and Goldie, we taped them onto craft sticks for puppets. The craft was very labor intensive, but I feel it was worth it so the kids could take it home and retell the story. I think some parents were irritated that I expected their kids to cut with GASP scissors. (I suppose that I shouldn't assume that the girl who takes big bites of glue stick would be able to use the scissors properly?)

Crazy Eyes and the Three Bears
Pajama Time was Thursday and I read Chicken Little by Laura Rader for this group. I enjoy the story where all the poultry get seduced by Foxy Loxy, but this version is the gentler king-tells-mob-it-was-an-acorn tale.
Our craft was a sweet paper plate chicken with googly eyes. I found this at a blog called Simple As That. I didn't have any yellow plates, but welcomed the kiddos to color their chickens if they were feeling saucy. I'm a sucker for the googly eyes.

Wiggle Wiggle
 My plan this week was to wrap up our fairy tale/folk tale story times with an actual coda, consisting of making prince/princess crowns...but I'm really excited for March and DR. SEUSS' I may skip ahead and just start my Seuss Storytimes!

Are you ready?! I am!!!

I will chop off arms if anyone hurts my white board this month!

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