Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Share Your Superpowers at Storytime Universe!

Yesterday, my awesome boss, Casey, my awesome coworker, Bill, and I presented at the 2013 Indiana Library Federation annual conference in Indianapolis. The theme: Everyday Superheroes in the Library. Our topic? How to Share Your Superpowers with the World; or in layman's terms How to Promote Your Early Literacy Library Programs via Film.

Here's the long and short of it: When I started at MPL, there was a standing tradition of doing a weekly wrap up of storytime, like so:

And then, we asked ourselves, "Who is this for? Why are we doing this?" We stopped filming these types of videos, because although they were fun to film, the videos weren't fulfilling to us, nor to our patrons. Enter music videos, read aloud videos, and fingerplay how-to videos. You know, patron favorites like this:

We asked questions, changed our purpose, and patrons have used the videos to bring the storytime experience home. Kids don't wave to me anymore...they Open Shut Them. High five!

Now for...A CHALLENGE! I want to make a SUPER LIBRARIAN treasure chest of SUPER STORYTIME STUFF for all of LIBRARYLAND to use as a resource.

1. Make a movie of your favorite storytime, song, fingerplay, craft, or other library shenanigans. This will be specifically for other librarians to use as reference for new ideas.

2. Send me a copy or Google Drive link.

3. I will post it to my YouTube playlist called "Storytime Universe."

4. After posting, I will send you a link to your video. Feel free to use it on your website or embed into Libraryland blogs.

If you already make videos at the library, awesome! However, making videos like this isn't terribly hard. Really all you need is a "I'm gonna get in front of this camera and act a fool" attitude, a camera, and free movie software (we use Windows Movie Maker around here). If you want more information on how to rock the movies, email me and I'll send you a 50+ slide PowerPoint on the logistics of library movie magic.

Have a YouTube channel? I want to see it! Leave me a comment, then get to work making a "I LOVE THIS" video for Storytime Universe!

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  1. I have two different YouTube channels, because one connects to the one I do as a librarian for librarians, and the other is connected to a blog I have for my library. "Katie B" is the big panda who lives at the library and hosts my blog, because I am not allowed to openly blog for my patrons. Sigh....

    Anyway here are the two channels: